Farm to Table Event in Birmingham, MI


I love the idea of supporting local farmers, even if this requires paying twice as much.  So I was delighted to take the family to a food fair saluting local ingredients and the chefs who use them (9/6/14).  The fact that it was a fundraiser for Birmingham Community House was icing on the cake.  So about the fair . . . .

Some of the vendors were fantastic and offered items that will draw me to their restaurants.  The Stand was a real – well, standout.  Offering great samples and showing off the cool bike and “tiffin-carriers” they use to deliver lunch during the week, I was impressed such a cool place was in my “hood”.  I will do a food review of the restaurant shortly.  Another worthy mention was Streetside Seafood.  Many of the vendors were small businesses offering everything from coffee to toffee.

A note to the organizers – how is it that so many places ran out of food in only one hour?  Drink tickets accompanied adult admission, but not children’s admission.  What gives?  Are children expected to forego liquids? How about some water?

All in all, a great idea with some terrific things to sample.  Execution can be a bit better next year, but rest assured, I will be there again!

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